Are we really grateful?

February 14, 2018
Peace Greetings!
We claim to be the people who are grateful for the blessings we have. We also thank God for them. But how are we using our blessings? Have you ever stopped and wondered?
We sympathise with people who suffer from poverty, disasters and atrocities. But what are we doing in reality to help them? It is a question we need to think about and ponder over.
We are living in a country blessed with security, peace and growth. There is absolutely no guarantee that what others suffer, we will not. The world is evolving drastically and in great speed. A country that was doing well a few years back is doomed today and lots of lives have suffered.
Let us just stop and do whatever good we can for those who are in the state they are in. May God not make us of those who suffer. Let us make an effort for this, coz every effort for a good cause never goes waste.
*Donation is one of the best ways for this. If you have tons of clothes, shoes, blankets or anything that is not of use, give it. What if others have some use for it. Don’t deprive someone of something by holding onto that which is of no good to you. Don’t be Hoarders, Be Givers.
-Dubai has a lot of charity centres that would happily take your stuff. eg. Dubai Charity centre, Al Karama. Dar al ber society, Dubai Red Crescent, etc.
-Make use of those big green boxes especially kept there for unused clothes and shoes.
-Take My Junk is another great team that takes care of your junk stuff, I usually call them every six months. They send in their boys to your home and they will take away all the junk stuff for you. From furniture to toys, to clothes and even non-perishable food items. They take it all. Just call 800-JUNK
– I usually keep a six-month mark, if there are items I haven’t really used in six months, I usually pack it and give it away. What might not be useful for me, might be useful for someone else – be it clothes, cups, plates, furniture or just about anything.
* Participate in forums, community columns in Newspapers, or just voice out your valid opinions through social media. Be an active participant to show the world how much we are against Injustice.

*Educate ourselves on the Right and Good knowledge. The media is bombarding us with loads of information. Let us use our wisdom and research to absorb the good and leave out whats not. Let us try to make our small deeds good which will help in the betterment of the big picture.

*We have been naturally programmed by Our Creator to encourage the good and shun the bad. Let us not kill our programming systems. Let us inculcate good values in ourselves and our families, coz families make societies.

*Finally, in the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Highly quoted, least followed.
Be good. Be Grateful. May our children follow suit. Let us not earn upon ourselves the Wrath of Our Lord.