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DIY Terrarium Projects with Turquoise – Special Olympics Abu Dhabi 2019

March 25, 2019

Peace Greetings !

DIY Terrarium Project

2019 is the year of tolerance in the UAE and hosting the Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi has been a great initiative to prove how tolerant this Nation is. They bridged the gap between people of different cultures, abilities and celebrated the spirit of inclusion in a respectful and hospitable environment.

Special Olympics is the world’s largest humanitarian sporting event and a global movement which focuses on the empowerment of People of Determination with intellectual disabilities through the power of sport.

My tiny role at the event
I worked with Meredith who is the Creative boss at Turquoise Boutique Studio, to host some creative DIY projects at the event.

We nailed wood blocks with the text ‘be unified’ which was the theme for the event. Participants could use colored threads to string the nails to create a beautiful piece of art to carry home.

I was working at the terrarium station where I hosted workshops to help participants make their own terrarium. All the materials were sourced and provided by Meredith and the participants was given an outlet to let out their creativity and make their own pretty terrarium jars and take them home, as a memento from the event. A memento that could be taken care of and that would bloom, just as we hope their lives would. Insha Allah.

Team Jamaica

We hosted a large number of people, from the teams all over the world to volunteers and staff that worked at the event. Meeting different kinds of people and engaging with them to create something beautiful was a very rewarding experience for us.
Getting to know their story, speaking to people of different languages, using gestures and sign languages, just by layering little plants into a jar has been a great reminder that we are all unified in the name of humanity, love and compassion.
The joy of the participants after making their own terrarium and that they could take it home and nurture their new baby, was very gratifying.

After moving to Abu Dhabi, I’ve been struggling to make my workshops happen in this city. And after a few let downs, this event happened out of a bloom and has been such a rejuvenating experience for me.

I’ve met and made new friends, from the turquoise team, the Adnec event, and engaged with people all over the world. They are rightly named ‘people with determination’ as they are definitely no different from us and infact more determined than us.

Its been so humbling to actually realize the magnitude of the event and how such a small role at the event has added so much more value and gratefulness to our lives.


Working with Turquoise
Turquoise Boutique Studio is a DIY experiences expert, headed by creative expert Meredith Houston.
She organises a variety of creative experiences on her own and for events (personal/ corporate). A wonderful, professional person to work with and get your creative juices flowing.
Check out her website to know more about her workshops and the experiences she offers:

Community Wall Art

“The #worldgamesad string art wall is a touch of 🌟magic🌟 at a happy celebration of inclusion, kindness and determination. ☆
Over 2,000 Olympian athletes, coaches, family members, spectators, school children, staff and volunteers contributed to this community work of art throughout the 8 days, joyfully turning this blank white wall into something so beautiful. ☆
💕 Art brings us together 💕 ” Turquoise Boutique Studio

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience at the Special Olympics event. If your country hosts an event in your city, do make it a point to attend it, it makes you appreciate the effort your nation makes to do something beautiful for its people and the ones participating. Bye!