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Farzi Cafe Masterclass

March 6, 2018

Peace Greetings!

Masterclasses are a great opportunity to learn from the chef, get an experience of the restaurant style cooking, learn about ingredients, etc.

Farzi Cafe, Dubai hosted one such masterclass in October 2016 which I was part of. The restaurant is acclaimed for its presentation, molecular gastronomy, a fusion of Indian flavours with the world-renowned dishes.

It was a treat to the eyes and a great learning experience for a home baker like me. Every master-class I attend I try to take back loads of information and try to recreate it at home. ‘Coz only if you try to do that will you remember what you learnt.

Daal Chaawal Arancini 

Make your regular Daal curry and Chaawal with Basmati. Mix the two and reduce into a thick gloopy mixture. Scoop into small balls, dip into a simple flour batter and coat it with crushed (unfried) papad. Fry in batches in hot oil. Serve with green and tomato chutneys.

Dynamite Shrimp

This is one recipe I’ve treasured and my family loves it. I keep going back to it when we crave some might dynamite flavours.

Do check out my recipe here.

Quinoa Upma with Roasted Vegetables

This was something new for me then, and I was pretty impressed with the flavours.

Chocolate Dirt Soil

The chef explains the story of a soil as to how the crushed brownie represents it, the chocolate sauce blooms it and the addition of nuts and fruits along with a scoop of ice cream that represents sunshine brings about life to the mere dirt!