How to feel motivated!

October 27, 2015

Eid Day
4:30 am I wake up, have a bath, pray Fajr, getting ready for Eid prayer, wear new dress. Wake up the Mr. Have cup of tea to liven my senses. Its getting late! I go to wake up little Arham. He screams and screaches wondering why his mommy is waking him up for the first time and at such an odd time. I quickly freshen him up and make him lie down on the bed. Just when I turn to take his nappy and his new clothes, he pees (or literally sprays) on my new dress, dripping down the floor.

Another scenario
After some intensive Grocery shopping, I carry all the bags along with my son and manage to climb Mt. Everest (absence of lift in a building makes stair climbing = trekking) and I open the door to find poop all over the floor of my house. Question that arises, whose poop? Cat no.1 or no.2 or no.3. As I walk further, I realise the parrot is out of his cage. By the time I come to terms with this reality, Arham has already created a work of art with poop.

Want more similar scenarios? I know there are a lot of moms who experience similar or more interesting scenarios like me. A lot of times I complain to the Mr., or get frustrated and angry. But it doesn’t help. I know I should be saying Alhamdulillah for the provisions, security, etc and I am really grateful to the Almighty for the bounties He has bestowed upon me.

But, there are days when one feels so low, depressed, like a useless only cleaning poop and doing nothing better in life. You see your friends going upper the career scale or travelling around the world with their husbands and you feel even worse.

You know deep inside you are not missing out on anything. You know that you are one of the luckiest woman on earth ‘coz you have the cutest face loving you unconditionally. Yet, you feel so low. Yet, you are depressed about something that you don’t know. You just feel this way and you can’t help yourself.

I think I know Why? Simply because I am a woman. I am created with an operating system that uses hormones which directly affect my emotional mechanism. Have you ever seen a ‘married’ man complain, ‘I am feeling low today’ or ‘why does this happen to me only’. Maybe they do have such feelings/ days, but it comes out in a different form unlike ours.

What can we do to overcome such low feelings?

* First, Pray. God helps. Complain to Him and hope for His mercy upon you.
*Next, Be Patient
*Shun that self -talk which brings in more negativity
*Divert attention or task to something which involves both mind and body unlike the routine stuff
*Its ok to break the routine once in a while, nothing will happen if your house is a little messy today
*Eat Good Food. Yes good food, makes you feel good and gives you the energy to do the chores with a sound mind. If there is nothing to eat, then just pour a glass of warm milk. It helps.
*Do the things that make you feel good. Makes you value yourself more. When your doing your thing, involve your baby or give him/her an activity to do, so they too are busy. Your baby is never an obstacle, make him your means or reason to do something better.
*’I can’t manage’ is a thought. Try not to bring it to life. You are limiting yourself.
*Get OUT of your house. If you are a home-maker you know what Im saying. Take your baby and go for a stroll around the park or just around the building, or to the supermarket. Everyday make it a point to just step out of your homes for a while. Even if it is super -hot or cold. Just go and feel the weather. It is a therapy.

This is just a small set of tips  to keep us happy and remind ourselves that we are precious.
Be happy.