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Soft Brownie Cookies

These are some decadent, best of both worlds kind of brownie cookies. 12 oz. / 340 gms Semi-sweet chocolate chips 60-70% cacao 1/2 cup (113gms) butter 3 large eggs 1 cup granulated sugar 1/4 cup brown sugar 1 tbsp vanilla extract 1/2 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp salt 3/4 cup all-purpose flour 1/4 cup unsweetened […]

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Chocolate Meringue Cake

Peace Greetings lovely! Hope you are in the best of health. May Allah keep you safe and protect you and all of us! So yesterday we baked this beautiful cake with a group of girls and alhamdulillah many of you were asking me for the recipe. So here it goes! The cake has two components, […]

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Sweet Corn Chicken Soup

Peace Greetings to you! This soup is the only soup I’ve grown up eating. It is tasty and very nutritious with a lot of vegetables, chicken and sweet yummy corn. Kids will love it as much as adults. I like to add a few slices of chillies soaked in vinegar in my soup for some […]

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Mango Raspberry Almond Galette

Hello… Peace Greetings to you! Here is a gorgeous fruit galette that’s super easy to put together, bake and enjoy with some ice cream or just as is! Do check out the recipe video on my Instagram feed! Emborg Arabia has been kind to sponsor this post and I have used their gorgeous frozen mango […]

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Mongolian Beef

Peace Greetings! A simple Asian style beef gravy recipe perfect with fried rice. It can be thickened and enjoyed with noodles as well. The beef – If you check on Pinterest, you will find a lot of recipes that call for thinly cut sliced beef that needs to be coated in some corn starch and […]

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Ramadan Special Feature – Khaleej Times

Hey everyone ! Peace greetings to you! Ramadan 2019 started off on a special note as I was featured in UAE’s national newspaper, Khaleej Times. Junior Editor at KT, Neha Mahmood contacted me to share a couple recipes and answer some of her questions and voila I was featured the next week. Here is an […]

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Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry Tiramisu

Not the traditional Italian tiramisu that screams coffee! This Dessert is neapolitan (having chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavours) and is light and airy, super creamy yet fresh and tart from the strawberries and is not too sweet. A perfect light dessert that pleases everyone alike! Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry Tiramisu 2 cups whipping cream1 tbsp cocoa […]

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