Picnic Essentials

February 14, 2018

Here is my list of things to carry for a picnic/ bbq/ camping/ you name it.

1. Food and Snacks – number one on the list. Food is the meal you will share and one-pot wonders are best. If its a BBQ, then marinated chicken, fish, burgers, or veggies skewered and packed in sealed containers are easy to go.

Snacks are very important too. There is always someone hungry before reaching the venue or just to snack during a 5-minute tea/ prayer break. Best is to carry finger food, cookies, cupcakes or last minute help is fruits. Apples, oranges, plums and the like which you can bite on. If you are taking Bananas, make sure you take less ripe ones as they tend to ripen quickly.

2. Large mat/ Bed sheet for laying wide on the floor to sit.

3. Drinking water and hand-wash water(required if you’re going camping)

4. BBQ set, grill, skewers, coal, oil, lighter, brush for glazing the meat/veggie

5. Plates, cups, spoons, small paring knife

6. Foldable chairs, if you have

7. Tissues, garbage bags to dump all waste.

8. Extra pair of clothes and undergarments (if your swimming), water-friendly sandals, towel

9. Small light torch (to see in the dark), heat resistant tongs for BBQ

10. old newspaper, prayer mat, plastic bag to put wet clothes, small hand-wash

11. Tents and sleeping bags (if camping)

12. Sweaters, socks, gloves, closed shoes, and  Adol for the kids (just in case)

13. Chocolates – gives energy just in case you get stranded somewhere.

14. Camera – To capture the moments you create.

15. Flask with hot water, along with some tea bags and sugar. There’s always room for tea

Carry whatever you’ve got out of these. It’s best to coordinate with your fellow picnickers on what each of you will carry, to have an organized outing.

I hope you have an idea on what to carry along and may you have the best outings and create the best memories if God wills.