Ramadan Special Feature – Khaleej Times

June 10, 2019

Hey everyone !

Peace greetings to you!

Ramadan 2019 started off on a special note as I was featured in UAE’s national newspaper, Khaleej Times.

Junior Editor at KT, Neha Mahmood contacted me to share a couple recipes and answer some of her questions and voila I was featured the next week.

Here is an online link to read the feature:

There is a special joy to see your name on print and that too in a Newspaper that is read and loved by nation-wide.

I received a lot of love, appreciation from my family and friends and a lot of people got in touch with me seeing my huge picture, which was pretty unexpected (I was expecting them to crop the image and put a small square image of my face alone). More than anyone, its my parents who were super proud and happy. So grateful to the Almighty for the opportunities He sends our way.

And my mom was in the seventh heaven, as there were too many people asking her for her chicken and egg sandwich recipe, a recipe much loved especially during Ramadan.

Do comment your thoughts down below if you read the Khaleej Times link feature.

Much love 🙂