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Vanilla Panacotta

January 29, 2019
Vanilla panacotta made with my very own homemade vanilla extract. Those black dots all over the dessert screams flavour

For the Panacotta

600ml Heavy Cream

1/3 cup milk

1 sachet clear unflavored gelatin

½ cup sugar

1 bean vanilla / 2tsp pure vanilla extract

a pinch of salt


In a heavy bottomed saucepan, pour the cream, vanilla bean and sugar and bring to a simmer. Add salt. When you see small bubbles appearing on the sides of the saucepan, that is when its simmering. Switch off the gas flame. And cover to let the vanilla to steep in the cream.

Dissolve the gelatin in cool milk and then pour into the hot cream. If you are using vanilla extract, add now. Stir really well and pass it through a strainer and then pour into the molds/ ramekins. Allow it to come to room temperature and then chill in the refrigerator for a 4-5 hours until set and wobbly.

For the berry coulis

½ cup sugar

½ cup water

1/2 cup berries (frozen or fresh)

1 tbsp. corn flour mixed in 1tbsp water to create slurry

In a saucepan, add the berries, sugar and water and allow it to boil and bubble away until the berries have softened and it has reduced a little to create a syrup. Now add the slurry and let it boil for 3 minutes and stir it continuously.

The coulis is ready when its thick and stays seperate when you run your finger at the back of the spoon. Allow it to cool. Pour into a separate container and refrigerate until use.

You can use mangoes, or strawberries alone instead of mixed berries. You can puree it or leave it chunky.

To serve, run a knife around the edge of the mold if you’re inverting it and then place a plate over it and invert to unmould. Then pour the coulis over the Panacotta and serve.

For a caramel Crunch, break a few pieces of Lotus Biscoff into chunks and sprinkle over the Panacotta.

I hope you enjoy this just as much as my family and friends do. Use the best quality ingredients for simple recipes like these. It makes a ton of a difference.

And if you would like to get one of my home made vanilla extract, please reach out to me on my email or message me on facebook/ instagram or just whatsapp me to get one! Read more about my vanilla extract here.