February 14, 2018

Homemade Halal Vanilla extract

Vanilla is one of the most expensive spices in the world!  A member of the orchid family, the vanilla flower is the only one of 350 species of orchids to produce an edible product. The first harvest of the vine does not occur for at least 3 years, giving a maximum harvest after about 8 years. When the flower on the vine blossoms, it must be hand-pollinated during the one or two days in which it blooms. It takes 4-9 months for the vanilla pods to mature and they are picked just as their colour changes from green to yellow. Because these beans are so valuable (especially in light of some of the extremely poor economic areas in which they are grown), the vanilla beans are branded while still green.  When the green beans are initially picked, they do not have any flavour. The processes for curing the beans vary in different locations: this results in subtle, but noticeable differences in the flavour of the vanilla bean.  This is really an art that a master must practice.

If you are looking for real, good quality halal vanilla extract, then the good news is that I can make one for you! Yayyy!

I’ve looked around in Dubai for the best quality vanilla extracts and didn’t find any that’s affordable!

Getting it from other countries seemed too expensive and is mostly prepared with alcohol, which even if it is small quantities or even if the alcohol evaporates while cooking, etc isn’t permissible for us muslims.

That brought me to making my own extracts, which I have been using for a while now.

I’ve received a few requests for making a Vanilla extract for few ladies, which Id like to extend the offer to you as well.  🙂

Each bottle is around 300ml of pure vanilla steeping in a combination of water and glycerine with real vanilla seeds and pods. This should last you for ages!
E-mail me or message me via social media or Whats App to know the details and I can prep one or two for you!

Hoping to sort real Vanilla extract needs in Dubai Insha Allah! 🙂