Winter, You’re Welcome

February 14, 2018


Peace Greetings!

Cool water splashes my face at Fajr, giving me a shiver. I stick my head out of the window to feel the cool breeze early morning. It’s lovely.

I so love the winters in Dubai.

It is that time of the year when you wanna be outside your home all day and hoping and praying for it to rain.

It is also that time when you want to cosy up in your bed and feel lazy. When you are always hungry and you wanna have a mouthful of warm comforting foods. When any number of coffees are not enough.

And when it rains, you wanna go out and jump in those puddles. And you cry you don’t wanna get back home.

A Rainy day I won’t forget would be the time when Mr Bush (ex-President of USA, thank god ex) was visiting Dubai. It was declared a Public holiday. I was leaving work and it was a heavy downpour. Everyone told me to stay back until it stopped raining. Some even offered me a ride. But the love of rain didn’t let me stay. My usual route back home was using the abra (boat) to cross the creek and then a good walk. I stuck to the routine.

At the creek, the boats were shaking with the winds and in spite of the rain, people were commuting it. I too got on. No umbrella on hand, a silly cloth over the abra as a cover, all the people (mostly men) were standing. I didn’t have the guts to stand, so I sat on the wet seat. That ride was one of my best. The feeling of the wind slapping your face and the splashes of the sea water over your feet. And the rainwater trickling was an experience of joy and the warmth of feeling blessed to enjoy what God gives you through Nature.

As I reached the other side, I walked back home like a little child who loves to jump on every single puddle on my way, taking the longest route possible.

Oh dear winter, come soon.

Do you have any rainy day memories? Please share. I would love to know.