Peace Greetings!

My name is Hiba Basheer and I hail from the beautiful country called India (Thalasherry, Kerala to be precise) but I’m born and brought up in Dubai, which is home. 

I am an art lover, food-lover, baker and culinary explorer. There are days when I am only thinking of what new thing to cook/eat next. I love to cook something new in my kitchen always. Though the Mr. complains, ‘why don’t you just make some normal food?’ And then he eats. I become happy.

I am blessed to have my parents, sister, in-laws and extended families out here in Dubai. So we are mostly busy getting together with them on weekends. That’s when I get to try out the new dishes I drool over the internet and share with family/ friends. So, now they know I will get something different from the normal.

Before Arham happened, I worked as a banker, then as an art teacher in a nursery and later, a school for a while. I still love to let out my creative side when I get inspired. Pinterest is a wonderful app for those who want to do fun, creative stuff.

Arham is my son, my life I can’t imagine without. I started hosting my workshops when he was much younger and everyone would ask me how I manage with him, coz he is an absolutely naughty restless noisy monster. Having a teacher side to me, I always try to give him activities to engage him. Pinterest is again a big help. He knows when I’m baking something, and he keeps checking on the oven and screams ‘caykeii’! Everything I bake is caykei for him. And he always loves what I make, alhamdulillah. He motivates me.

I miss my art teacher job, and I love to do activities with little ones. I am pursuing my Cache 3 at the moment as well.

My little cousins and friends love to join me in my kitchen to cook new stuff.

Hence I came up with this idea or in fact got inspired to do cooking activities with those who love food. To me, cooking is an activity that people of all age groups will enjoy.

I host Cooking / Baking Activities for Adults/ teenagers/ kids at Crumbs and Chatters. Any skill level. We will be trying different cuisines from English Brunches to Indian Biriyani to Layered Buttercream cakes to Italian pannacotta, French Vol au vents, Moroccan couscous, Korean fried chicken, greek Moussaka etc.

My baking workshops are not just for sweet desserts. There is a general mindset when I tell someone I bake, they think I bake cakes and cookies or desserts. NO! There is much more than that my friend. 

When I plan a bake-along, I plan to make recipes that is savory and sweet so we have a meal at the end of the session which everyone can enjoy at the table.  I take a small fee for organising and hosting the bake-along.

  • A typical kids bake-along menu will include 2 recipes; a main-course savoury recipe (like a pizza/ pie/ lasagna/tacos) and a dessert (like cookies/muffins/ mini cheesecake, etc) to be completed in 2 hours or lesser.
    Fee would be AED. 80/- per child
  • A bake-along for adults would include a complete menu that includes a starter, maincourse, side / salad dish and a dessert to be completed in around 2 – 2.5 hours. 
    Fee would be AED. 160/- per person

So that’s my usual plan! Since there are many hands at work, we would complete it fast as the work will be divided. Yes, its a hands on workshop not a demo! 🙂 I try to make recipes from scratch mostly using the best ingredients I can find. However I will find the easy way out sometimes or give you alternatives to the easy way out. I will share the recipes via whatsapp / print them for you. 

I assure you will learn something, teach me something, have fun and eat finger-licking good food.

Kids Baking:
When kids make something with their own little hands, they feel a sense of achievement within themselves. And I love to experience that when I work with them. If you are looking to organize workshops for kids/ teens, I would love to host them to encourage them to cook, know what goes into food preparation, create curiosity about new ingredients and love to eat healthy and tasty food and get that sense of achievement after the recipe comes into life.

In case you would like me to be part of your organization or host a workshop for your office/ a personal cooking lesson, please email me at and I would be overwhelmed.

Reviewing products:
I’d be happy to assist you in reviewing ingredients, kitchen products, appliances or anything relating to food and/or children.
If you’d like any help with anything else connecting to food & kids I’d be more than happy. Send an email or simply comment below.